Our Services

1. Breakfast either Western or Sri Lankan

Breakfast is included in your room charges and Sri Lankan dinner could be served as per our menu on request.

2. Double rooms with or without A/C

For room charges and related discounts, please contact us.

3. First Aids and Hospital Services

While First Aid facilities are available, Hospital facilities could be arranged on your request.

4. Piano

Availability of a Piano for your leisure.

Our Services On Your Request

1. Airport Pickups

Airport Pickups could be arranged on your request.

2. Tea Museum

Visit to the Tea Museum and a Tea Factory could be arranged on your request.

3. Gemologist

Service of a trustworthy and Professional Gemologist could be arranged if necessary, on your request.

4. Nature and Wild life Tours

A Day's excursion of Wild Life and Nature Tours could be arranged if necessary.

5. Cultural Display

A Day's excursion in Kandy including a Cultural Display.

6. Dental Consultation

If necessary, the service of a Dental Consultation could be arranged with reputed Dentists of the Country.

7. Cycling tour

Cycling tour can be arranged in a typical country.

8. Hikes

Hiking and Mountain climbing on a well known mountain range in Kandy.
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