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"A unique experience for exclusive persons with all luxuries at the most scenic location in Kandy"

Villa seven scenic is located in Kandy, on a cliff of Primrose hill, about 600 ft. above Kandy city. A place with absolute privacy of this 6000 sq.ft. Villa, rooms, includng a family unit, are almost 400 sq. ft. with many sitting rooms, corridors and balconies. Once reached, you are open to more than 330 degrees of panoramic view with miles of greenery and endless blue skies overlooking the River Mahaweli and the city of Kandy. We offer you the best scenic location in Kandy and one of the best in entire Sri Lanka.

As shown in our website, on certain days we are above the clouds and the mist will come right into your room. Daily temperature varies more than 5 degrees noon to night. You will experience the cool fresh breeze mixed with absolute silence…… except for the sound of the flowing River Mahaweli. At Villa Seven Scenic, you will experience the red twilight sky, the blue black night sky with the beautiful moon surrounded by twinkling stars. Witness the morning mist, the sunrise and sunset, and listen to the sounds of birds. It will be a unique experience for you.

The host is a retired university academia and the spouse, a music teacher. If you wish to, you can discuss with your host on a variety of subjects, Sri Lankan history, its culture, ancient irrigation systems, religion, etc. or on eco-tourism, business promotions, or any other subject… just to expand your horizon while you are at ease. Stay a night or two in this unique place. Notice the difference at ‘Villa Seven scenic’.

( Approved by the tourist board of Sri Lanka. )

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